Friday, June 26, 2015

This weekend! And other blazz

Here are a few live music options for this weekend:

In Iowa City -

Basically, there are tons of shows, but they are mostly hippie, jam band stuff that is dime a dozen. Just follow the pot smoke if that's your deal. Also, a lot of people really like Dave Zollo and he's playing, like, every single day this weekend. You can find more info on your own.


Daddy-O (Dennis McMurrin) is playing at The Mill at 8pm. $7 Cover. You probably should see this guy if you haven’t. He used to play the Yacht Club every month, but those days are gone.  He was a good friend of my late, great Uncle Chuck who was about the rockin’est guitar player who ever lived and one hell of a swell dude. True story. Daddy-O will play "Brick House", if you ask nicely, but you had better shake your ass if he obliges. If you go, order the fried pickles. Seriously.

Also, Flannel Season is playing the Deweyville Block Party, somewhere, at some time. Like 6pm or something? My suggestion is to ride your bike or drive slowly with your windows down somewhere on the east side of town. When you hear kick-ass music, park and walk toward it. Solid plan. I think Porch Burner is playing too? Anyone who wants to clear up the mystery, please feel free to do so in the comments below. 

For those of you in the QCA -

There is this thing called Rock Camp USA. I don't know the whole deal, but I know it involves teenagers or children or both, and rock music. Most probably children paying rock music. It's at the Redstone Room, 129 Main St, Davenport, IA 52801. Doors at 11:30, show at noon. It's like $5 for 3 hours of music. I mean, it's for the children. Why wouldn't you go? Are you some kind of monster?! More info here. After that you can head over to the Rock Island Brewing Company at 1815 2nd Avenue in Rock Island, of course, and see...

Waking Robots! They start at 9pm and it's just a $5 cover. I haven't seen this band yet (I wish they would come to IC and bring Centaur Noir with them), but the venue is cool. Heavyweight plays there often - you should go see them at your earliest opportunity, by the way. They are so heavy! Oh...i see what they did there.

GO LISTEN TO LIVE, LOCAL MUSIC! And get Bandsintown. Especially if you're a musician. It makes my life easier.

One Last Thing:
Yes, Eastern Iowa rocks, for sure, and the bands around here, doubly so. A lot of their rocking is done on stage, but it also comes in the form of the careful selection of the bands they bring to town to play gigs with them. One amazing out-of-state band that I got see last weekend at ICYC was Lever, out of NW surburban Chicago.

The band is a four piece with a drummer, 2 guitarists, and a bass player. They describe themselves as "bipolar grunge rock: and, after the privilege of getting to hear their set, I totally agree. Lots of dirty, fuzzy guitar riffs with heavy bass and super loud banging drums topped with sometimes screamy, sometimes melodic lyrics make for a way fun, head-banging listening experience. They are also very tight and technically talented. All their stops and starts and heavy, heavy jam spots were right on and super clean. I sincerely hope they come back to Iowa City, or that I can make it over there so see one of their local shows. Anyone out there in Not-Iowa-Land who hears that Lever is playing near you - GO SEE THEM!!! You will not regret it. Click on the here to get to their FB page so you can see where they are going on their tour.

As always, rock on! ~mandab

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